Upcoming Conferences

We’re on the road over the next few months! We’re going to have presentations at several conferences:

FM Global Open Source CFD Fire Modeling Workshop 2013 (May 2-3, Mass.)

An Experimental Model of Upward Flame Spread through Porous Fuels
Michael Gollner

8th US National Combustion Meeting (May 20-22, Utah)

Flame spread through arrays of wooden dowels
Z. Zhao, D. Gorham, M.J. Gollner

Buoyant instabilities in steady and propagating flames
D. Gorham, M.A. Finney, S. McAllister, M.J. Gollner

We’re not presenting, but Michael will also be at:

2013 NFPA Conference & Expo (June 10-13, Chicago)


We hope to see you all at one of these great events!