Flame Spread Papers from the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute Now Available

Three papers from our group on flame spread published in the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute are now fully indexed and available online. Two have pre-prints available, the other please contact me for access.

Sample Width Effects on Horizontal Flame Spread Over a Thin PMMA Surface
Jiang, L., Miller, C.H., Gollner, M.J., Sun, J., Proceedings of the Combustion Institute,  36(2) 2987–2994

Steady and Transient Pyrolysis of a Non-charring Solid Fuel Under Forced Flow (PDF Pre-Print)
Singh, A.V. and Gollner, M.J., Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 36(2) 3157-3165

Local Flame Attachment and Heat Fluxes in Wind-Driven Line Fires (PDF Pre Print)
Tang, W., Miller, C.H. and Gollner, M.J., Proceedings of the Combustion Institute,  36(2) 3253-3261