Lab Safety

If you are currently working with Dr. Gollner, please complete the laboratory use form instructions below. This is not inclusive of all safety training, so always be on the lookout to make procedures safer and keep everyone safe! Please follow the detailed instructions below. This will satisfy both our departments new requirements to have records of everyone in the laboratory as well as turn a signed checklist into Dr. Gollner for our lab records. Please be sure to discuss your specific experiment and any additional details with Dr. Gollner before completing and signing all the forms. Additional safety information can be found at:

Laboratory Use Form Instructions
     This laboratory use form should be completed by ALL incoming students who will need access to the lab. Please follow the steps below to complete the form successfully. 
    • Go to the following link: 
      •   Click on the “ENFP Employee Personnel Records” and enter the login information below:
      • Account Name : newstudent
      • Password: newstudent2013
      *all lowercase
  1.  Once you are logged in, click “new record” to begin completing the form.
    •  Click on the “layout” tab in the top left corner of the window and select the “Laboratory Use Info” layout.
    • Once selected, fill out the form by clicking on each of the bottom tabs from left to right.
  2. The third tab is the safety tab, which includes two parts to be completed. Please Unblock Pop-ups for the following links to work.
    • Review the “General Standard Operating Procedures” document by clicking on the “SOP” button.
    • Also review the Fire Box and Fire Room SOP as well as any additional SOP’s that relate to your experiment.
    • Also, contact you adviser for an additional experiment specific SOP.
    • Complete the online training courses listed (Respirator Refresher, Universal Waste Training and Laser Safety Step 1) plus Chemical Hygine.
    • If you are working specifically with lasers, discuss with Dr. Gollner and Dr. Marshall to determine additional appropriate training.
  3. The final “security” tab gives instructions on how to complete the final form that should be submitted to Mrs. Pat Baker for approval. If she is not at her desk, please give the form to the business office (Rm 3106 E &F)
    • Click on the “Security Approval Form” located under the “security” tab and verify if all information is correct.
    • Once you have verified everything, please sign and print out the form. 
    • Also print out, initial and sign this form: Safety Checklist for FPE
    • Click “Log Out”
    • Give both signed forms to Dr. Gollner. One will stay with him and the other will go to the department to setup your lab door login.

    *Note: Once a record has been submitted you can no longer edit it. Please check all entries thoroughly. Otherwise, you will need to repeat the process and create an entirely new record.